The focus of Diana's work is on natural forms, hand built in reduction fired stoneware, using mainly coil and slab techniques.

She has lived and worked in Strachur Argyll on the West Coast of Scotland ince 1997


From clay to pot: How things are made:

Hand made pottery formed using the ancient technique.
Large coils of clay are applied one layer at a time, added using a pinching technique, then scraped and smoothed. Each coil is integrated with the previous one so that its separate identity as a coil is lost. the pot is then left to harden and strengthen enough to allow the weight of the next coil. Due to the hardening process necessary between each coil and the essential slow drying the larger pots can take six or more weeks to complete.

Unusual gritty stoneware clay is used, giving a lovely rough earthy texture. the artist makes most of the glazes and slips, all of the finished ware has been fired up to 1270 degrees C in a reduction atmosphere using a gas fired kiln. The reduction process starves the kiln of oxygen at specific points in the firing cycle, causing the flame to search for oxygen from within the chemical structure of the clay and glazes. Flashes of colour, speckles and a general enriching of the finished glazes are achieved. Due to the organic nature of the flame, thickness of glaze, and deliberate variations in the firing cycle, each firing produces slightly different patterns and colours. The quality of the stoneware clay and high firing temperature gives strength to the finished article.


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